Pasticerria Labriola
Our authentic Italian bakery.

From our signature homemade cannoli to heavenly tiramisu, our Pasticerria offers a plethora of Italian pastries to indulge in to satisfy any sweet-tooth. Nibble on authentic Italian cookies after a meal in the café or take home a creamy Napoleon. Cakes are made to order for any occasion, including weddings, to make that special day that much sweeter!

Our lineup of delicious sweets is the most decadent allowed under Illinois law:

• Croissants — Regular, Almond, and Chocolate
• Muffins
• Scones
• Brownies
• Cupcakes — Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Velvet
• Magic Bars
• Rice Krispy Treats
• Chocolate Cookies
• Nello cookies
• Oatmeal Cookies
• Kitchen Sink Cookies
• Fig cookies
• Chocolate Covered Strawberries
• Pies
• Carrot Cake
• Coffee Cakes
• Cinnamon Sour Cream Cake
• Cannoli
• Éclairs
• Rugelach
• Lemon Bars
• Biscotti
• Florentines